Green Glow


Bass Ballin is the prodigy of thousands of dollars spent and lots of trophies taken up space! I felt that we all love bass and systems and would love to have even more fun showing bass off!

So what i ve done is created a new era of bass competition" you ask whats diffrent? Heres the big deal!! YOU MAKE MONEY IF YOU COMPETE AND WIN! yes you just read that right. MONEY!! I know things are tuff i know things are expensive. So I figured it was time to start Bass Ballin in full effect. More competitors in a class the more money you can make! There are no limits!

Classes are organized by vehichle type, Power rating, and sub quanity. all the rules are written and complete. Dont worry if you only have a small amp and 1 sub there are many classes so everyone has a chance to win. more classes means more common consumers will compete.

BASS BALLIN is a 30 second average on real music full tilt!


There are no break outs" we want you to turn it up! show what you can do!! If you look at the photos from up above guys we know all about Bass Ballin! brutal in your face ground and pound Bass!

Registration and Events.


Pay your $25 registration fee (nonmembers) , $20 for yearly registered members. per event 1 yr. membership is $30 at sign up for the year. Covers from Jan - Dec. renewal is on the next year! Each class entered is a $20 fee re-runs are $10. registration card will be sent to you along with bass ballin sticker and Official rules packet.


These shows can be held at any location that can facilitate the amount of competitors to compete. Promotions and other advertising will be handled by the company putting on the show, we will notify the competitors that we have on file of your event date and location. Please notify us in advance of putting on the show. So we can help to ensure a good event! There is a $200 fee for having one of our Ba$$ Ballin" Judges attend and officiate the event. This is mandatory. We will handle judging money disbursement and all aspects of the competition along with providing the official metering system.

Bass Ballin is always looking to travel and meet the demand of all the shops that help provide all these awesome competitions.


bass ballin"